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The Fine Art Nude
The Fine Art Nude
The Fine Art Nude
The Fine Art Nude

The Fine Art Nude

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Day 01.

The Photoshoot.  Shooting day 8 hours session. *

A powerful workshop dedicated to study the human figure and how to produce creative images, where concepts, composition and lighting will lead the way to obtain meaningful images. Models,  Styling and Props will be provided, so each participant can visually approach the body from his /her own vision and perspective. Each participant is encouraged to bring ideas worth exploring visually and we will work as a collaborative team in order to make them happen.

Day 02:

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Editing and Creative Portfolio Development. 4 hours session 

Editing, Post-Production  and Concept Portfolio Development Review day:  4 hours session, This  (optional) additional meeting is strongly recommended as a follow-up from the shoot in order to review and edit the most relevant images from every shooter and assist them with any digital/conceptual needs in order to upscale the final results and end up with  a series of images worth of art magazine publications and submissions to galleries for possible exhibitions. The MIP will also consider the best images to be showcased at a future time at the MIP Gallery.

This workshop is a great opportunity to add exclusive material to your portfolio in a subject that requires full attention to detail in order to obtain graceful, elegant and intense images. 


Instructor: Jorge Parra

Requirements: Digital I and Introduction to Lightning or equivalent, portfolio review.

* One hour break for lunch (not included)