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Real Estate Photography Basics

Real Estate Photography Basics

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Studies have proven that high quality photography can lead to better selling price listings. What better way to catch a buyer's eye than the perfect photo of the perfect home? Even though hiring a professional photographer is ideal, sometimes it just isn't in your budget or you just don't have time. You can take better photos of your properties with the camera you already have!

This express course will teach you easy-to-use real estate photography techniques from an experienced real estate photographer. You will learn the essential techniques behind effective interior and exterior real estate photography. Every step of the process will be detailed, starting with preparing a home for photography and then how to photograph each scene with a DSLR, a point-and-shoot, and a smartphone.

Additionally, you will learn how to present the importance of photos at the very start of your listing presentation, and to differentiate yourself from the competition, showing your ability to take and present a superior photographic sequence.

Workshop hours: 4

Requirements: Beginners, bring your camera, smartphone & computer (notebook)

Instructor: Jorge Andres Castillo