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Introductory Video Art Workshop

Introductory Video Art Workshop

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Four sessions

This workshop introduces the use of moving images in the visual arts, sharing my outlook from Latin America and how it relates to contemporary art globally.

It is primarily a practical workshop with both individual and group exercises, exploring concepts of collaboration, appropriation, sound and performance as elements of a creative process included in video art manifestations.

Group discussion and participation is key, looking into past and present work, the influence of technical advances on changes in artistic movements and installing proposals developed in class.

There will be a brief overview of technical aspects, but the workshop focuses on opening up creative possibilities with moving images, regardless of technical proficiency or equipment.


  • What is video art?
  • Video Installation
  • Video sculpture
  • Video poetry
  • Technology past and present.
  • + Project development.


Any camera with a video function, even the cellular phone.
Participants should bring at least 1 minute of video to begin editing practices

 Additional desirable equipment

  • External Hard Drive
  • USB 2.0 (8 GB or more).
  • Laptop ○ Software: Photoshop, PREMIERE PRO, Final Cut
  • Sturdy Tripod

 Suggested Reading

Contemporary Art, Terry Smith A History of Video Art, Chris Meigh-Andrews Screen/Space: the projected image in contemporary art, Tamara Trodd

Instructor:  Gabriela Gamboa