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Speedlight II. Mastering On & Off-camera flash

Speedlight II. Mastering On & Off-camera flash

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This camera flash advanced workshop is designed for the photographer who wants to expand and deepen the knowledge on using an electronic camera flash creatively. It will teach you how to solve any possible light situation: on camera, hand held or on a stand, in low light or under the sun, single or multi-flash settings, a camera flash is the best tool to take your photography to the next level.

- Natural look using the flash as a fill in or as key light
- Off camera flash: handheld or on a stand, clamp, hanged - Using the flash creatively at night or with low light
- Multi strobe set-ups
- Bonus: High speed sync (HHS)

Instructor: Oriol Tarridas

Photo by Neil Slavin, Camera Club