Architectural and Skyline Photo Field Trip

Architectural and Skyline Photo Field Trip

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In this workshop, participants will move to a very specific location to photograph the PAMM Museum and the Miami Downtown Skyline, creating unique, visually striking images by learning to blend multiple files in Post-Production and produce one Master File with the best of daylight and night light shots of the structure of the PAM Museum from a strategic distance.

Participants will also learn to shoot multiple images to create a large Panorama file to cover most of the Downtown Miami Skyline, a technique that can be used for multiple types of architectural and landscape photography projects.

Finally, if time allows, we will shoot some experimental images involving time exposures for creative landscape work.

We will meet at the MIP at 5:30 pm, check gear and get ready to move to the location.

Once there, we will start to take pictures around 6:45 pm and end up around 8:30 pm, as to have images with different levels of day and night lighting, plus the individual elements of the panorama pictures.

We will return to MIP to explore the Lightroom and Photoshop techniques required to accomplish the goals of Multiple Blends via Layer Masking and Image Stitching, plus Perspective Corrections and other retouching methods to obtain a final image of top quality, professional results.

Participants will  leave the training  ready to start working on new projects on their own.

Participants are required to bring a good tripod for their cameras, and if possible, some additional weight (sandbags would be ideal) to secure the tripod-camera system properly for this type of shooting. Also, waterproof protection for both cameras and participants is encouraged, to avoid issues with changing water conditions. Snacks and drinks also welcome!!

See student images of previous photo-shootings.