The Art of Photography - Online Live

The Art of Photography - Online Live

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Miami Institute of Photography also offers our students the unique opportunity to take their creative skills to the next level while enjoying the freedom and flexibility to study online in a webinar-like experience.

The Art of Photography, with Gabriela Gamboa.

This workshop approaches photography as a means of artistic expression and how to view images in a poetic context.

During the course of the workshop we will discuss the avenues of contemporary art with an emphasis on photography and explore the capacity of each student to develop a body of work that reflects their views in creative ways, building a visually poetic body of work.

The workshop includes a series of exercises that will explore creative aspects of visual art in photography, editing and exploring the use of archival material, as well as other areas of the arts that have influenced photography and vice-versa. Join us to help unveil your creative capacities.

This class is open to all: if you are interested in learning about photography as an art form and perhaps exploring  your own creative line of inquiry, join us.

Duration: 4 sessions (2 hours each)
Mondays & Thursdays / 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

Instructor:  Gabriela Gamboa.


As soon as our students sign up, they'll receive an email with access and instructions on how to start the MIP Online experience.