Smartphone Photography - Online Live
Smartphone Photography - Online Live

Smartphone Photography - Online Live

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Why SmartPhone Photography is becoming so relevant for the upcoming future

Most people still believe the images from iPhones and other smartphones are sub-par, meaning, lower quality than those of a “normal” good camera, but the real reason for this to happen is that the immediate and inexpensive availability of a camera in your pocket -at all times- has pushed every single person into a photographer -or so they believe- BUT the reason for the bad or so-so images is NOT the smartphone’s camera, but the operator, the person taking the pictures, who knows little or nothing about how to take good photos. 

This Online-Live workshop, is a 3 hour training, similar to the in-person training, and the results are equally satisfactory!

We will explain most of the photographic concepts that will eventually help you -big time- for the moment you change to any another type of camera, so your current skills will improve to a new level, no matter what tool you are using to take pictures. We may also get into video, now that video will be even more relevant! 

We will review  principles of composition, lighting, how to use visual design elements, color, textures, lines, patterns, etc, all in addition to explaining a whole bunch of amazing features the Smartphones have that most users don’t even know about.

We will also explain, and practice directly with your own images, how to edit and improve the pictures in your own phone, with all the tools available, for free, to make your images even better, after you take them. Sometimes, a cool picture was taken in not the best of circumstances and they need to be adjusted, and this is when people opens up their creativity to play with their pics and almost totally forget using those filters provided by apps like Instagram, etc, which is what most people use to “hide" the defects of an image, instead of correcting them before posting.

The training includes several example images to showcase the points discussed.

Duration: 1 session (3 hour)

Jorge Parra.

Requirements: Beginners.

 Photos by Jorge Parra