Photoshop I - Online Live

Photoshop I - Online Live

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Miami Institute of Photography also offers our students the unique opportunity to take their creative skills to the next level while enjoying the freedom and flexibility to study online in a webinar-like experience..

Adobe Photoshop literacy is a must if you want to expand your creative skills as an image-maker, whatever the level you are at. A solid comprehension of the power of image editing and post-production will open a whole new world of creative tools, techniques, and possibilities.
Add another layer of wow to your photographic practice and enroll in this workshop for beginners. Guided by the instructor, participants will create a series of photo collage and other image-manipulation projects.

Duration: 4 sessions (2 hours each)

 Carolina Muñoz.

Requirements: Basic computer literacy. You must bring your computer (notebook); 20- 25 unprocessed images in RAW format; knowledge of Mac or PC systems; Adobe Photoshop installed in a laptop for class.