Bird Photography
Bird Photography
Bird Photography

Bird Photography

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The world of bird photography offers endless photographic challenges and exciting rewards.

Participants in this 16 hour live virtual classes course will learn essential concepts for bird photography in natural and urban environments, including: ethical guidelines, choice of gear and accessories, photo technique, composition, planning of field trips, safety and correct behavior in natural surroundings, resources for bird identification, image editing, photo-archive organizational principles.

Participants will receive personalized assessment of their gear kit and recommendations for future purchases on their path to becoming nature photographers. Participants will complete assignments during their ow (independently arranged) field trips and will submit photographs for review in class.

Basic techniques will be demonstrated in class for Lightroom adjustments of color, shadows, highlights, noise, sharpness and creative cropping, as well as for the selection and export of the best images.

Active participation will be encouraged in this course and all questions will be considered valuable contributions to the group’s learning experience.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is bird photography? Definition, historical background and ethical guidelines.
  • Resources for bird identification.
  • Understanding photographic opportunities: territory, migratory and reproductive patterns, behavior.
  • Proper attire, preparation for field trips.
  • Use of camouflage and blinds.
  • Photo gear: cameras, tele lenses, tripods, monopods, heads and accessories.
  • Technique: exposure triangle, in-camera exposure zones, white balance, histogram, RAW vs JPG, use of high shutter speeds, manual and semi-auto modes, depth of field, focusing technique.
  • Quality of light; spatial relation between light source, subject and photographer.
  • Composition: “rule of thirds”, point of interest, subject and framing, direction of movement within the frame, creative cropping.
  • Great themes in bird photography: portrait, environment, birds in flight, behavior.
  • Different “photo modes” for diverse situations, including: perched birds, water fowl, birds in flight, small birds, raptors, high-speed pollinators (hummingbirds), birds in nest, feeding, courtship, mating, predation and defense.
  • Tactical decision-making: planning, safety, gear configuration.
  • The photographer’s mind: concentration, patience, perseverance, love of nature and aesthetic sensibility.


Duration: 8 sessions (2 hours each).

Dates: Nov 14th until Dec 13th / Sat & Sun / 9:30 am to 11:30 am (ET)*

* No class during Thanksgiving weekend

Limited to 10 participants.

Requirements: DSLR, mirrorless or “bridge” camera (w/ owner’s manual); zoom or prime tele lens equivalent to at least 200mm or more (recommended but not mandatory).

Instructor: Ivan Gabaldon.                                                


Photos by Ivan Gabaldon