Digital Photography I - Online Live

Digital Photography I - Online Live

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The live online photography workshop it’s all about the fundamentals of photography. Guided by professional photographers, you'll learn how to work your camera. Centered on the technics, methods, and ideas associated with the craft of photography; the student will easily learn concepts such as exposure, focal length, types of lenses, formats, sensors, and digital workflow. The course will give you a better understanding of your camera and of the skills required to create high-quality photographs. We will show you methods to correctly control the exposure modes available in your camera and the concept behind its design.

Origins of Photography
Types of Cameras
File formats and sizes
Exposure triangle (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO)
Digital Workflow
Exposure modes
Staged Photography vs Documentary Photography
Types of light vs quantity of light
Color temperature and white balance
Storytelling basics
Output settings
Backing up the work
Printing, sharing and archive.

DURATION: 6 sessions (2 hours each)

Jorge Castillo.
Paul Perdomo.

The workshop is for everyone that has a DSLR or Point and Shoot camera with a light-metering system and wants to master the manual mode.

You'll need DSLR or Point And Shoot camera with manual mode, desktop or laptop computer, internet connection, basic knowledge on ZOOM platform (not mandatory, but recommended).

The student will be able to log in 15 minutes before class beginning. We can check image and sound to optimized performance. Be prepared with pen and paper to take notes and it is recommended, but not necessary, to be able to print PDFs that will be hand out for the class. Have your camera with you with a charged battery.