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Miami Design District Photo Field Trip

Miami Design District Photo Field Trip

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Join us for a field trip to photograph a unique and iconic neighborhood!

The Miami Design District (MDD) embodies a very powerful commitment to the unity of design, fashion, art and architecture.

This photographic field trip has been designed in a way that every participant will be able to  exchange technical information about photography and even compare photographic equipment in a suggestive and very  amusing background: street art and eclectic urbanism.

We will explore the subjects of color, temperature, white balance and the mixture of light. One of the challenges, photographing at dusk when the daylight is becoming the way to artificial light. In this situation the photographer would be required  to compensate between both qualities of light. We will also get into the basic principles of Architectural Photography, the representation of three-dimensional objects and perspective.

We will meet at the Sculpture Garden of the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Miami at 5:00 pm. Our photo trip will start here, capturing our first images. From there we will go for a walk around the neighborhood, exploring shop window displays, street art, urban architecture and several interesting structures.

From 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm we will meet at the Miami Institute of Photography to review the material, offer some observations and an open discussion on the work accomplished.

Instructor: Jorge Andrés Castillo


Participants just need to bring their camera.

Wear light clothing. Remember summer temperatures!

Investment: $40


 *Parking is available at the Museum Parking building across the street at a flat rate of $3 for 4 hours.