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Street Photography Workshop

Street Photography Workshop

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Street Photography is a form of finding art that features unmediated chance encounters and serendipitous incidents in public places. Street Photography does not need the presence of an urban environment, but more so focus on the candid part of what one finds in their environment. At the end, you want to become an observer of the street by using framing, timing, and the decisive moment. 


  • Complete the first week to be dedicated to what Street Photography means. Look at inspiration and find your muse.
  • Understand talking to people on the street, how to capture the true reality of someone who has their guard down.
  • Documentary vs. Street Photography
  • The meaning of the decisive moment.
  • Journaling –– Remembering street corners and scenes
  • Compositions and the compositions from the hip


Instructor: María Alejandra Cardona

Guest Instructor: Andrés Manner

3 hours sessions / 6-day workshop



DSLR or Mirrorless–– varied lenses of your choice. (Preferred: prime lenses, film shooters are welcome)

Notebook –– Journaling daily Smile always.

Books for thought

The Americans –– Robert Frank

The Street Photographer’s Manual –– David Gibson

Mastering Street Photography –– Brian Lloyd Duckett